Monday, September 27, 2010


these were some quick character studies that i did for a friend's project. this was just my first take on the character. she is a kind of pseudo military bounty hunter.  i really wanted her to be a little different from your standard pseudo military bounty hunter and tried to add some skater influence as well as a little motor cross instead of the usual super sleek future aesthetic.


  1. I like the dust "tan" lines on her face. Nothing says "gritty" like "dusty" :)
    Good detail.

  2. Thanks Lissa! I'm glad that came across. I wanted her to be Attractive through the dirt and grit. That is what made it fun. I really like when you see these badass motocross or skater girls that are beat up and dirty but still have makeup on or nail polish. I think it is a nice contrast. Unfortunately my friend sees otherwise and wants a more conventional look for her. Less punk more glamor. :/