Monday, November 22, 2010


An epic show of minuscule proportions...

The modest origins of the Micro Show began with a group of artists working at Disney. Creating personal, bite-size works of art was a respite from their daily creative grind. Eventually they gathered all the pieces and exhibited them in a micro-sized nook at the end of a hallway, and the Micro Gallery was born!

Diverse micro exhibits, which popped up now and again to the delight of all, he...lped to not only fund their thirst for adventure but also raise money for local causes. Nucleus is excited to present the most macro of the Micro Shows featuring over 75 artists from Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks and more, and will all but wallpaper our upstairs Atrium gallery with micro-sized works of art!

Featuring both traditional 2D and 3D media, this exhibit is sure to be a fun-filled show, not to mention an inspiring look at the extraordinary talents behind your favorite films!

I have been helping put this show together and I am amazed by all the work that will be showcased. I am also excited because this will be the first gallery to exhibit my personal work. I would be honored if you would come and be a part of the celebration! 
here is a detail from one of my pieces in the show!

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