Friday, January 20, 2012

Tigger Two

we had just finished an early screening for winnie the pooh and we were in the note session afterwords with all the heads of state for disney and pixar. a very intense experience. it was in this meeting that chris buck came up with the concept of pairing up the most un-likely characters together. in this case. the fastest and the slowest. tigger and eeyore. these are my initial sketches from that meeting of the potential fun that could be had in what would become the "tigger two" song. although i did not end up boarding the final sequence it is fun to see that some of the concepts still carried through!


  1. Man...these are charming. If you ever decide you have too many sketches in your archives, lemme know and I'll find a home for these. :D

  2. thanks man! fawn knows where i sit... :)