Friday, October 29, 2010


images in this post copyright Disney Animation
I was fortunate enough to work on Disney 50th animated feature, Tangled. For this film I was in the the layout department, however an opportunity arose early in production to help design the now abandoned storybook opening.  What follows are a couple samples of what the illuminated text pages could have looked like. Of course heavily influenced by Eyvind Earl's sleeping beauty work, I researched iconography that was tied to "middle European" illuminated text as it was that region that inspired the world and locations of Tangled.


  1. Awesome stuff! That pose of the Lady in the top page creeps me out. I especially like the subtlety of colors in the autumn leaves on the lower right of that page.

  2. These are fantastic! The Eyvind Earl influences give it that timeless appeal. It's a shame these weren't used but I'm glad to be able to see them here. Thank you.